The time and the course of the company

1997 Establishment of company TETRALUX

In 1997 was founded the company Tetralux by Tzelos E.Anastasios at Sindos in Thessaloniki. It’s a company that produces architectural paints, insulating, varnishes and trades related products.


TETRALUX merges with the well-established in the field of paints company PANCHROM.

2004 Expanding facilities

The period of 2004-2006 was completed the expansion of its facilities with the construction of new production department and new administration offices in the Industrial Area of Sindos, in Thessaloniki.

2010 Decorative paints Mondobello

Important point for TETRALUX was the exclusive cooperation and representation of an Italian company of decorative paints.Mondobello.

2012 Investment&extension of facilities

There was a new re-expansion of the facilities of the factory of TETRALUX (storage of raw materials), in addition with the investment for the upgrade the automation in production with the latest modern machines.

With respect to human and the environment !

The company recognizes the importance of the effects of the climate change from the reducing of the availability of natural resources and the continuing deterioration of the environment and continually integrates
in its business procedures to reduce its
environmental footprint .

Presentation of the company