Color in our space !

How the color affects in the house !

Color is the most determinant factor in the interior decoration and forms impressions and filings at first sight.
The tones of colors on the walls and on the ceiling, in combination with the floor can make the lines of a room more supple and elastic.
It's created then the illusion that the room is bigger or smaller, more spacious or narrow, taller or shorter.

Here are some simple examples of color combinations in floor, cieling and the walls of a living room.

  • Photo 1. Dark floor combined with pale walls and ceiling makes the room more spacious.
  • Photo 2. Dark floor and ceiling with pale walls make the living room seems shorter.
  • Photo 3. Dark walls in a room with light shades on the ceiling and floor emphasize the horizontal lines.
  • Photo 4. Combination of light floor, ceiling and back wall makes the room seems narrower, deeper and taller.
  • Photo 5. Dark coloured back wall combined with lighter side walls and floor reduces the depth of the room.
  • Photo 6. Light ceiling with dark floor and dark walls provide illumination only from the ceiling.
  • Photo 7. Light floor with dark side walls and ceiling and a lighter back wall, it smacks of tunnel in our room.
  • Photo 8. If all the walls in our space have dark color the lines in our room are lost and it seems smaller.
  • Photo 9. One room with light colored floor, walls and ceiling seems bigger.

If your cieling is very low : or paint your wall with vertical stripesor paint your wall with vertical stripes|or paint with light color that makes the room seems bigger.

If your ceiling is too high : or paint your walls with intense colors and darker the ceilingor paint your walls with intense colors and darker the ceiling|or split horizontal the surface in two parts and paint them in different sades|or paint with the same sade 10 - 15 cm at the top of the wall "lowering" the ceiling .